As per our assessment of the poor families and to fulfill our mission, we come to conclusion that very first part we need to cover is the fulfillment of basic necessities of poor families, which will give them a mental calmness and flourish their mind to think big. 4 Years ago, when we started our monthly grocery program:

  • Our representatives always look for poor families through visits to poor localities and with information from social circles.
  • Our representatives visit the family in-person and gather all the details on a Form.
  • In weekly board meetings our representative share the details, where board after discussion either approve or reject families.
  • Recently we have shifted our focus more on Technology and we have developed a intelligent system. Once all the data is filled in the system, our System share the results, if the respective family is eligible (falling below poverty line) or not.
  • This system is build on our 4 years of experience working along poor families and understand their day to day needs.