“ To change the status of poor who are living below poverty line, to a respectful status. To flourish poor families by fulfilling their basic needs and educate their children. To make them part of Ecosystem to play their role in the society and to work on poverty of rest of the society. ”

About Us

Solace Foundation is one of the best Social Welfare Foundation across Pakistan, working for humanity in the banner of "Helping Humanity", running on Non-Commercial, Non-Political, Non-Religious and Non-Communal Basis, serving round the clock without any discrimination of color, class and creed. This cause has been initiated by honorable TRUSTEES on National level for rendering his exemplary services to humanity in multidimensional fields. 04 Years long run, we are on the ground trying our best to work on our mission, we have evolved over the period of time with our mission and have now found our ultimate mission. We envision a society with no-poverty around and we have plan to achieve these with following plan:  
  • We have been supporting families with their basic needs in form of grocery.
  • We have collected data of families to have in-depth analysis around their needs, their way of living.
  • We have developed a system for detailed analysis and decision model, through which we make decisions around poverty of the family.
  • We get engaged with families to see how we can help out their children with education.
  • Our mission doesn’t just finish on educating children, but we want to specifically work on how we can get family out of poverty.
  • Simply putting it we want to touch finish line.
  • We strongly believe on use of technology to support our decision, we have started collecting detail data and we will be driving our decision on the basis of data, we will keep on evolving as the needs of families we tend to support.


10 Years long run, we are working for the welfare of children. It was a little step, but now this is a big organization and worldwide activity as a child welfare non-profit organization.

We felt the risky environment and circumstances for children over the world. Then we started working for them in a village. Day after day, we received a delightful response from the people who keep our thinking in their mind. Now, we are helping children in more than 100 countries and huge volunteers are working worldwide.


All of our services are planned to the welfare of the humanity. We serve the human beings with food, education, health and their basic necessities. The diversified fields in which Solace Foundation plays its role are;


As per our assessment of the poor families and to fulfill our mission, we come to conclusion that very first


Plan is to construct a database with data of children of all families and to provide education right from start


This is another milestone towards social welfare reforms; ensuring that the identified unprivileged families get access to their entitled medical


It is a big opportunity to work with us having a guardianship. We cordially offer you for becoming a guardian of orphans and help them to keep them safe.

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We work nationwide and have a dedicated team working to serve the humanity. The team consist of experts who feel mankind's danger and enjoy their work.

Become a Volunteer

Do you like to work for children? Do you feel the slogan "Helping Humanity". Yes. Here, you are welcome to our team and you can work as a volunteer.

At first, you have to submit your information and apply for becoming a volunteer. We will review your information within a few days and then contact with you. After finalizing your information, a confirmation message will send to you with necessary documents.



Drop us a message

Solace Foundation

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  • +92 (21) 34320545
  • info@solacefoundation.org